Complete Anonymity

Your Digitas Bank Account is 100% anonymous. Your personal identity information is never required, which makes it impossible for us to make a report to any government or authority.

Everyone is Welcome

Digitas Bank has no KYC requirements that make it impossible for most people of the world to have a bank account. We approve every account request. It is time for the world to bank together.

Simple Online Banking

Our online banking system is simple and easy to use. We see no reason to make it complicated. You can transact securely from any internet device anywhere in the world.

Bank Anywhere on Earth

A Digitas Bank Anonymous Account can transact in any currency and to any country in the world.  This includes the cryptocurrencies BITCOIN and DIBCOIN.  Banking has never been so easy!

Anonymous Debit Card

Each Digitas Bank Account will receive an anonymous VISA debit card after meeting initial deposit requirements. You can use this card anywhere on the worldwide VISA network, including ATM's.

Safe Storage & Security

Digitas Bank does not engage in any lending. Backed by the world's largest gold depository, your funds are stored until you put them to use. We will never be insolvent.

Simple Pricing

Our accounts have always been free and will stay free. We only charge four fees: (1) incoming debit/credit deposits, (2) outgoing wires, (3) debit card copies and (4) currency conversions.

Perfect Customer Service

We will never put you on hold, force you to navigate complicated menus or speak to anyone not proficient in your own language. We keep it simple, effective and fast because we like smiles.

We're Open 24/7/365

We have offices in a dozen countries around the world, so no matter the time of day, we are open. You can conduct banking transactions in real time, every day of the year. Your world moves fast. We'll keep up!